A Wanderer's Eye


 I am passionate about sharing what I learn via my project, photography, talks, events, and especially the trips I lead. These intimate adventures are designed for you to feel comfortable and safe, while also challenging you, as we delve deeper into the culture, history and spirituality of the places we visit.

This year I am collaborating with Mela and Touch of Spirit ToursWe have specially crafted these trips so that I may have the pleasure of introducing you to the places I love. 

Why a trip to India may be for you.

India has always been a magnet for travellers. She is a cocktail of culture, tradition, art, color, language, emotion, spirituality, magic, food and history, mixed differently each trip, especially for you.

 The sun rises over the sacred Ganges river in Varanasi.

The sun rises over the sacred Ganges river in Varanasi.

She is the 5-star luxury converted palace hotel, and the simple thatched mud hut. The shiny shopping mall with bearded hipsters sipping cold brew coffee and the dusty bazaar street and its local chaiwalla, who has supplied the hundred year old shops with their sticky sweet fix. She is the packed, sweaty, rush-hour train snaking through the lush Bengali countryside and the luxury air conditioned Volvo bus climbing the illustrious mountains of Himachal.

 A family farewells their Ganesh diety at Mumbai's Juhu Beach.

A family farewells their Ganesh diety at Mumbai's Juhu Beach.

She is the beaches, parties, restaurants, whitewashed churches of Goa, and Rajasthan’s toppled ruins, each stone with its own story to tell, of kings, queens, love, betrayal and canon balls fizzing through the dusty air. She is the lazy afternoon on a backwater houseboat in tranquil Kerela, and the tribal stone pulling festival of Christian Nagaland. She is Pondicherry’s French colonial building, Lutyen’s Delhi, Akbar’s abandoned capital, Mumbai’s stunning art inspired airport, the maze like stone alleys of Leh, the blue city, the pink city, and the blindingly white salt deserts of Kutch.   

She is the multicolored Gopuram towering over an glorious elephant festival, the minaret loudspeaker confidently calling Muslims to afternoon prayer, the cement monstrosity Ashram complete with 60 foot cement deity, and the finely carved Jain temple, hidden on a regular looking alley, up a flight of stairs. She is the hip Yoga studio in Rishikesh, the serene mountain hangout of Manali and Chennai’s chaotic train station platform.

She is the greatest teacher, the greatest lover, the greatest adventure, and she really has to be experienced to make any sense of it all.

 Elephants feast as their carer looks on, at a temple festival in Ernakulam, Kerela.

Elephants feast as their carer looks on, at a temple festival in Ernakulam, Kerela.


What to expect from a trip to India with me.


My personal goal is that every trip should leave you with a feeling of joy, gratitude, and a deeper understanding of this beautiful country, her people, art, culture, but even more importantly, yourself. It is the inner journey I focus on most, for it continues long after our trip together ends.

As a western bodied human inhabiting and exploring India for many of the years since my parents first brought me, aged 3, I am passionate about sharing her with you. As a traveler and photographer I practice searching beyond her obvious flaws. As a student I relish conversations that delve deeper into her fascinating nuances. As a wanderer I am addicted to the bittersweet feeling of exploring her unknowable past, ended and rebuilt over and over again. I love the exhilaration of discovery, the empathy that comes from understanding perfect strangers, and the inner evolution that they all spark when combined.

On all my tours you can expect a deeply rewarding and exhilarating adventure, that is extra conscious of your comfort and safety. My goal is to prepare you for the challenges we may face, and teach you how to deal with them. You will learn to navigate the sensory overload that is India as we are welcomed and tutored by this ancient, contradictory, and wise culture.

All the while, I will nudge you towards real people living their traditions, and help you hear their stories. We are, after all, inhabiting their world, for one brief, warm, and magical moment.